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  Monster Alphabet: Guardian Monster Profile
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  Letter A Monster: Amarisk   Letter A Monster: Amaraska
  Amarisk   Amaraska
First Name: AMARISK(m)
         and AMARASKA
Family Name: Icckelbush
Relationship: Brother & Sister

Characteristics: Their bush-shaped bodies are covered with leaves or petals in varying shades of red and gold. Their dominant feature is the mouth, filled with large, curved, serrated teeth. Teeth are often tattooed with stripes or spiral patterns of blue.

Personality: A bit on the shy side, Amarisk has a quiet demeanor and only shows his teeth while eating. His sister Amaraska, on the other hand, is much more outgoing and chatty. She is quite proud of her multiple rows of shark-like teeth and flaunts them as often as possible. She may even pretend to yawn as an excuse to flash her mouthful of pearly blue and whites.

Potential Issues: Amarisk tends to gnaw on wood items (like your furniture) when he is feeling anxious (which is often). Amaraska prefers hard plastics to keep her teeth sharp and polished. She may also begin to chatter if she becomes nervous. I suppose that is better than chewing on fingers or toes, but both issues have been known to cause sudden headaches as well as the urgent need to flee in the person who is unfortunate to be near them when this behavior begins. Fainting has been reported as well.

Rules of Etiquette: They usually work together as a team. When they present themselves to you, please welcome them in immediately and allow them to move freely within your home. They are looking for good eating spots and will quickly settle down once located. If you approach Amaraska too quickly, she may begin to jabber. Do not worry, she is just feeling a bit excited. If this happens, do not engage her directly in conversation. Simply nod your head and smile, then back away slowly. She will calm down eventually, but may continue mumbling to herself for a short period of time before stopping. Finally, I strongly suggest that you keep a piece of old wooden chair leg and scraps of discarded plastic (the hard stuff) nearby, unless you don't mind your good furniture or dishes being gnawed upon.

PROTECTIVE POWERS: Indoor Pollution Management

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